“Which three words would you use to describe motherhood? The truth is, yours is a unique experience worthy of its own words.”
– Anna Morvern, Biromums facilitator


Biromums offers expressive writing courses to individuals and groups, in the community and in other settings.



What is expressive writing?

Expressive writing is writing from the personal, the emotional, from the body, mind and spirit, from experiences and memories, from all that is held within: in your own voice…

Expressive writing is experimental, a voyage of self-discovery, making connections, feeling free to disregard any conventions of grammar and spelling that you have learnt and writing in as many languages as you wish.

Expressive writing has the power to improve your mental health and well-being, with a positive effect on your relationships and place in the world around you.

Biromums courses can be offered as one-off workshops, or as a series of workshops. Any group concerned with mothers and mothering might appreciate a workshop: breastfeeding support groups, PND support groups, groups of parents of children with special needs, mother-and-toddler groups, grandparent groups etc.



Anna’s reflections on two Biromums projects feature in Issue Number 66 (Summer 2015) of the magazine, Writing in Education, from the National Association of Writers in Education.


Please contact Anna at / on +353(0)838096267 for more information.